Purawesi Lanka Foundation

Vision & Mission


Work with communities to help overcome proverty, improve health, Agriculture, reduce climate changers, enhance youth capacities, strengthen the communities, end conflict, enhance livelihood and recover from disasters, with people in Sri Lanka. We work where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.


By working together, we ensure that to survive individuals and families in the marginalized vulnerable poorest communities and affected communities by disaster within the country.

Drawing strength from our communities, resources, skills and experiences, we sharing innovative and creative solutions and we are advocate for the responsibilities.

We are facilitating for the following,

Purawesi Lanka Goal

We are working with the communities to improve human condition of the people, towards lasting dignity, prosperity and peacefully for all for long term sustainability.

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    Purawesi Lanka

    Fresh Air.

    • Keep our atmosphere clean.
    • Don't use harmful gases that can reduce Oxygen.
    • Grow more green trees.
    • Don't leave your gas engines to run unnecessarly.