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Purawesi Lanka Program Areas

Economic Development

EconomyPurawesilanka economic development programs will help peoples to enhance their income level by providing the assistance and supporting for the marketing their goods and products especially those operated by elders and women headed householders.

We are initiate community savings and revolving loans systems within the particular community group and provide technical trainings and support for them to expand their business to increase the overall income of the families.

Climatic Changers

Climate-ChangePurawesilanka climatic changers programs will initiate with the support of local government authorities specially to create awareness among the communities on effect of the climatic changers.

We are targeting the children, youths and younger generation to provide knowledge on climatic changers effects.


Vocational Skills

We are targeting the youths and youthful offenders to provide vocational skills to improve their life condition by establishing vocational centers and providing appropriate NVQ trainings.

Vocational Skill

Natural resources and Agriculture

AgriculturePurawesilanka initiate programs while managing the community resources and agriculture through the livelihood programs and preserving the environment for future generation with minimal effects.

We help peoples to increase their income by producing more foods and products.

By providing new technologies, training facilities, marketing linkages, increased their livestock and yield, provide new varienties, home gardening and aquaculture facilities purawesilanka helps farmers to increased their income level.

Health and nutrition

Health and nutritionPurawesilanka health and Nutrition project focus on physical health of the families and aware the importance of nutritional value food.

We are focusing specially mothers and children's who pften are the most effected to disease and malnutrition who are in the vulnerable communities.

our projects focusing on providing trainings and by practicing that help prevent diseases and malnutrions.


Emergency response Programs

Purawesilanka provide immediate assistance and relief items in the aftermath of the disaster, and work with communities in the long term to help them recover and rebuilt their livelihood, infrastructure and resources. We are targeting most vulnerable groups to provide disaster risk reducation trainings and awareness programs.

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    Purawesi Lanka

    Fresh Air.

    • Keep our atmosphere clean.
    • Don't use harmful gases that can reduce Oxygen.
    • Grow more green trees.
    • Don't leave your gas engines to run unnecessarly.

    Save Water for Coming Generation.

    • Water is limited resource in this world.
    • In many palces it turning out wth sour taste.
    • It is colour is becoming muddy or yellow.
    • Don't waste water.
    • It is your duty to save it.
    • Don't leave your taps to leake.
    • Don't use checmicals that can spoil the ground water.