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Community Project - May 2014.

Location: Algama Waterfall.

Purawesi Lanka Foundation Chairman Mr.J.Udegathara was present at Algama village to advice on the methods of disposing of the collected garbage rather than throwing them in a manner in public places that can increase the level of spreading the dieses (including Dengue).

This kind of correct garbage collection and disposal will improve the environmental situation in that area to be good.

Actually Algama village is having the great waterfall that was visited by lot of local tourist. Their careless action of disposing their brought in food and polythene bags along with the polythene bottles had created a very bad situation in that area and it was brought to the notice of PLF lanka. So the president himself directly went there to see the situation and decided to provide a large garbage bin and it disposed in a proper manner by paid workers in that area once every week.

Later he went on to offer help to those poor people who are trying to make their living in a good level. So he offered some financial assistance to selected people in that area. This was welcomed by those people with great admiration.


Also it was reported to us that the cable bridge in there is under repair and it was notified to our foundation. Our Chairman is studying the steps to repair it as soon as possible through our foundation assistance.

Bridge Repair

House Renovated and Handover to a poor family.

Location: Rukgavila

In Rukgavila village, we found out that one poor family was inadequate to support to renovate their home for better living, when this was brought to PLF Lanka and our Chairman Mr.J.Udegathara took all the responsibilities to repair it through our foundation. Recently it was renovated and beautifully painted and was handover to that family.

House RenovateHouse Renovate

A cow was prevented from the slaughter house.

This elephant need your support to cure it's eye

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